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Meet Brenda

Brenda never expected to use her disability insurance. RBC Insurance® helped her by removing the financial worry so she could focus her energy on getting better and back to work.


Brenda’s Story

Brenda’s Story

Play the video to hear Brenda’s story about how RBC Insurance helped her.


When a rotator cuff injury stopped Brenda from doing simple things, it was scary for her. With a long recovery period predicted, she was initially worried about being able to pay her usual expenses. Although she’d never had to use it before, Brenda was glad she’d purchased disability insurance from RBC Insurance. Although recovery was challenging, it was a relief to her to know that she had the funds to help pay her regular bills and expenses.

Our disability insurance helped Brenda by removing the financial worry so she could focus her energy on getting better and back to work. And it can help your clients, too.


With their financial needs covered, your clients can focus on getting well.

At RBC Insurance we offer several different plans that can help your clients to protect their income if they become disabled. Our plans offer a range of product features and benefit options to suit a wide variety of client needs. Highlights include:

  • Total disability benefits if your client is unable to work at all
  • Partial disability benefits if a disability prevents your client from earning his or her full income
  • Return to work benefits that can help your client get back to full-time work, if possible
  • Coverage and benefits available up to age 65, with optional coverage beyond age 65 if your client continues to work full-time
  • A choice of elimination periods, so your clients can choose how soon they’ll begin to receive benefits after a disability occurs
  • A cost of living option, which indexes benefits if your client's disability lasts more than a year
  • A conversion to long term care option to continue coverage beyond your clients’ working years, as their needs change from income protection to asset protection(1)

Learn more about disability insurance from RBC Insurance.


1) Clients must satisfy the conversion criteria.

A gift was provided to the client in gratitude for their time.