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Why Choose RBC Insurance?

The coverage you need to help protect your lifestyle and recover from a serious illness or condition

A critical illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke can bring about a range of challenges—there are decisions to make about choosing care, providing for your family, and more—all while coping with the illness itself. Critical illness insurance from RBC Insurance can help—with a lump-sum benefit payment that you can use to help reduce your financial burden, maintain your independence, access cutting-edge medical services, or use in another way to assist with your recovery.

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We offer the following plans to help meet your critical illness insurance needs:

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Use our calculator to estimate how much critical illness insurance coverage you might need:

Critical Illness Insurance. See how critical illness insurance helped Bill Deacon focus on getting better. Learn More.

1) The critical illness insurance benefit is paid when you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness, as defined in the policy, and satisfy the survival period, as defined in the policy.


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