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Health Insurance

Why Choose RBC Insurance?

The cost of hospitalization and recovery can be high—we can help make sure you're covered

If you are hospitalized because of an accident or illness, your government or employer-sponsored health insurance plan may pay for only some of the costs associated with being hospitalized, which could include hospital expenses such as a private or semi-private room, recovery costs such as in-home care, personal expenses like child daycare or domestic help, and loss of income from not working. Our hospital insurance plans can help by providing a tax-free benefit you can use any way you wish.

Explore the Plans

We offer the following plans to help meet your hospital insurance needs:

Guaranteed Acceptance

Did you know? You are guaranteed to be approved for our hospital insurance if you are a current customer of any RBC® company, between the ages of 18 and 70, and a Canadian resident.

Critical Illness Insurance. See how critical illness insurance helped Bill Deacon focus on getting better. Learn More.

1) With the Enhanced Coverage hospital insurance plan, there is an elimination period of 3 days before benefits are paid if you are hospitalized as a result of illness. This means that if you are hospitalized as a result of illness for 3 days or less, no benefit will be paid.


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