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Health Insurance

Valuable protection to help you preserve your lifestyle and focus on recovery

If you work for a living or support a family, a health insurance plan from RBC Insurance® can help provide valuable financial support should you become sick or injured. Depending on the type of plan, your health insurance coverage can help you to:

  • Replace lost income due to a disability, injury or serious illness
  • Maintain your lifestyle and keep up with day-to-day expenses
  • Pay for hospital expenses not covered by your provincial health plan
  • Stay focused on your well-being and recovery

What about health insurance plans from work?

You’re fortunate if you have an employer-sponsored health insurance plan. However, some plans can leave you unprotected if coverage amounts are insufficient or if coverage does not continue if you leave your employer. If you have your own policy, you can take it with you if you change employers.


What’s right for you?

We offer various health insurance plans to help meet a range of needs, including:


Need help deciding?

Compare health insurance plans

How much disability insurance do you need?

How much critical illness insurance do you need?


Disability Insurance. Disability Insurance helped Brenda focus on getting better and back to work. Hear How.


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Need basic disability insurance? Want to top-up your group coverage? Get a quick quote for RBC Simplified® Disability Insurance!


Talk to an Advisor

A licensed RBC Insurance® advisor can explain your options and help you choose the right health insurance plan.

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