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Make sure your property is adequately protected.


Suggested Checklist:

  • Review your coverage if you've renovated or made a major purchase
  • Consider increasing your liability coverage to the maximum
  • Choose the highest deductible you can afford to pay to lower your premium
  • Explore ways to save on your home insurance premium (see below)

Home insurance can cover your home, your belongings, and your personal liability if you accidentally cause property damage or injure another person—or if anyone gets injured while on your property.

If you own a home or condo unit, you already have some insurance coverage in place. But, there are times when it's wise to re-evaluate your coverage:

  • If you're renovating to make room for a new baby or active kids, the value of your home will likely increase. Call your insurance company to make sure your insurance matches the new value of your home and its contents.
  • Now that you have the responsibility of a family, you might want to look at increasing your liability coverage from the standard amount.

If you rent, your landlord's insurance protects your landlord—not you. You still need insurance to cover your furniture, other personal belongings and any upgrades to the rental that you've paid for yourself. Renters insurance also provides the personal liability coverage described above.

We offer various coverage options for your main residence, including:

Ways to save money on your home insurance:

  1. Install an alarm to protect your family.
    If you install a burglar and/or fire alarm in your home or condominium unit, you could save up to 15%(1) on your premiums, depending on the alarm system.
  2. Insure your vehicle too.
    Save up to 10% on your homeowners or condo policy when you also insure your vehicle with us.(2)
  3. Stay claims-free.
    If you have been claims-free for the past five years, you could save up to 10%.(3)
  4. Buy a newer home.
    If you're insuring a newer home , you could save up to 12%.(1)
  5. Get your quote online.
    You could save money on your home insurance just by getting an online quote.(4)

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Find more tips, advice and answers:

For even more tips and advice on home insurance, click here. Or, visit our Home and Property Insurance site for additional details on your coverage options and to explore the benefits of choosing RBC Insurance®.

1) Certain conditions apply.

2) Certain conditions apply. The discount is 7% for condo policies. This discount also excludes endorsements (any additional, optional enhancements that you add to your policy).

3) Certain conditions apply. The claims-free discount is 10% for homeowners policies and 5% for condo and renters policies.

4) The Online Discount is not available in all provinces, and where available varies by province, type of insurance, and renewal term. Other exclusions and limitations also apply.


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