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Protect Your Family by Making a Will

In addition to insurance, having a valid Will is essential to your family's financial protection.

When you were younger and had no dependants and fewer assets, you may not have taken the time to write your Will. But now, with more people counting on you, having the right insurance, an up-to-date Will and other protection is essential in the event that you should die prematurely or become incapacitated by an illness or injury.

We've created this section to help give you a general overview of Wills and other protection and why making a Will should be an important part of your family's financial plan.

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Why Have a Will?
From naming a guardian for your children to stating your wishes, a Will is essential.

Dying without a Will
Know the consequences of dying without a Will, also known as dying "intestate."

Choosing an Estate Executor
Find out why this is such an important decision.

Types of Wills
Review the different kinds of Wills available in Canada and what's recommended.

Making Specific Bequests
Help to prevent future disputes over personal items or heirlooms.

Additional Protection
A Living Will and a Power of Attorney provide protection during your lifetime.


Will Planning Guide

Our Will Planning Guide is a straightforward tool you can use to get a head start before meeting with a legal advisor to write your Will.

Access the Guide


Please keep in mind that this information on Wills is in no way complete. It is simply an overview and does not deal with many of the legal issues involved in creating a Will. This content does not replace the need to contact your professional advisors, such as your lawyer, notary or other qualified advisor.