Keep your home above water.
Protect yourself against overland water damage.

NEW Coverage Options to Better Protect You

RBC Insurance® is pleased to offer three new coverage options to better protect home insurance customers.

Overland Water1

This important add-on to your current home insurance policy provides affordable coverage for damage from overland water entering the home as a result of:

  • Torrential rains
  • Spring thaws
  • Over-flowing rivers or lakes

Cost for Overland Water coverage will vary based on where your home is located (risk zone) and the value of your property.

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Overland Water

Canadians are increasingly feeling the effects of changing weather patterns, including severe storms resulting in water damage. The Overland Water Endorsement can provide important coverage for damage from overland water entering your home as a result of torrential rains, spring thaws, or over-flowing rivers or lakes.

Who may be eligible?

  • Owners or tenants of houses, condos, rental properties or secondary properties

Properties that are not eligible:

  • Mobile homes or trailers
  • Properties in areas that are highly prone to overland water events (other exclusions and restrictions apply)
  • Seasonal properties
  • Properties in the Province of Quebec
  • Properties with a reverse slope driveway

Frequently Asked Questions

Overland water is fresh water that accumulates on land which is usually dry, resulting from:

  • Torrential rain or snow melt;
  • Overflow of a body of fresh water.

We’ve made the Overland Water Endorsement available for purchase in response to the effects of changing weather patterns and the increasing number of severe storm events that often cause property damage.

If you purchase this additional protection, you will have coverage for damage caused by overland water entering your property from torrential rains, rapid snow melt, or overflow of lakes, streams and rivers. This includes coverage for loss or damage from the sudden and accidental entrance of overland fresh water through foundations, basement walls or basement doors. This coverage is not included in your Extended Water Damage coverage.

However, please remember that Your Extended Water Damage option also provides very important coverage. This includes the sudden and accidental backing up of water or sewage through:

  • Drains, waste and sewer pipes that are underground or outside the building
  • Septic tanks, septic systems or connected piping located outside a the building
  • Retention tanks or holding ponds, sump pits, sump pumps and their attached piping or equipment
  • Eaves troughs or downspouts

Overland water does not cover:

  • damage from coastal flooding of salt water including spray or storm surge.
  • seepage through basement walls, doors or foundations that is not caused by Overland Water
  • loss or damage from water resulting from the intentional breaches of structures such as dams, dykes and levees

Note: The information above is a summary only and does not include all terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. Contact your RBC Insurance Advisor today to learn more.

Your Existing Coverage May Not Be Enough

Base policies, including Extended Water Damage coverage, only cover damage from burst pipes and sewer/water back-up.

Home Repair Bundle2

A preventative, time-saving home repair solution for $125/year

  • Fix a minor repair issue before it leads to a larger claim
  • Help prevent further claims occurring from the same cause by installing a damage prevention device
  • Get free advice and assistance over the phone from legal, health and real estate experts.
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Home Repair Bundle

Prevent. Fix. Assist.

Your home is a significant investment that needs to be protected. For an additional premium, the Home Repair Bundle endorsement can be added to your existing property policy. Claims against the endorsement will not count as a claim on your policy and will also not affect the claims-free discount or disappearing deductible on your policy. This bundle includes 3 products geared toward helping you avoid larger home claims later by making minor repairs now.

  1. Home Repair Assure to fix a minor issue before it leads to a large claim

    • Provides easy access to local contractors and trade professionals to repair (not replace) a variety of household items before they can cause major damage
    • Includes repairs to heating system breakdown, internal plumbing and owned water heaters, internal electrical, internal gas supply lines, roofing repairs, pest infestations and security assistance service (e.g., securing broken windows or doors)
    • Covers the cost of parts, service and labour up to $2,000 per claim, $5,000 aggregate per policy term
    • Short-hotel stays may also be covered depending on the type of repairs made to your home
    • Repairs made are backed by a $1,000 workmanship guarantee
    • 45-day waiting period between time of purchase and time coverage goes into effect
  2. Claim Prevent to help prevent a further claim occurring from the same cause

    • Provides up to $2,500 to buy and install an approved loss prevention device to protect your home from experiencing the same loss again
    • Approved devices include fire alarm/suppression systems, security systems, sump pumps, automatic water shut-off devices, lightning suppression systems, back-up power systems and hail-resistant roofing materials
    • Can only be used after a claim has occurred
  3. HALO Assist for free access to phone advice from legal, health, home repair and real estate experts

    • One-stop service providing unlimited phone access to qualified lawyers and health professionals, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars
    • Also includes phone assistance with home repair, referral and real estate questions
    • Legal assistance does not answer questions related to criminal, insurance or business activities
    • Use of HALO Assist is not considered a claim under your policy and is not subject to any deductibles

Frequently Asked Questions

The Home Repair Bundle includes all three services for $125 per year:

  • Home Repair Assure to fix a minor issue before it leads to a large claim;
  • Claim Prevent to prevent a further claim occurring from the same cause after a claim has already occurred;
  • HALO Assist for free access to phone advice from legal and health experts.

In addition to the home repair service, you have access to unlimited information about covered repair issues in your home. You can call the toll-free number any day, any time and a service representative can answer questions you may have about home issues and repairs. If your home repair issue is not covered under the program, you can choose to be referred to a trusted service provider in your area. You can then arrange and pay for service directly with them.

Using any of the services provided under the Home Repair Bundle won’t affect your claims history or claims-free discount. The Home Repair Bundle is designed to help you proactively reduce and prevent the same claims from occurring and provide further protection with assistance services.

Three different services are available.

  1. Claim Prevent can be used immediately after a covered claim.
  2. The services in HALO Assist can be used immediately after the date coverage starts
  3. For the Home Repair Assure portion of the endorsement, there is a 45-day waiting period from the date coverages starts

The services cannot be purchased separately.

Note: The information above is a summary only and does not include all terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. Contact your RBC Insurance Advisor today to learn more.

Identity Theft Expense3

An expense reimbursement and legal advice solution for $30/year

  • Get help with expenses incurred to restore your identity (e.g. lost wages)
  • Register/cancel credit cards and important documents by calling a 24-Hour Hotline
  • Obtain identity theft legal advice from a Legal Assistance Helpline
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Identity Theft Expense

Every year, thousands of Canadians fall victim to identify theft. While the Identify Theft Expense endorsement does not protect you from becoming a victim, it can help you with the expenses you may incur while restoring your identity and credit rating.

  • Increased credit card, automated teller card, forgery and counterfeit money coverage up to $15,000 per occurrence
  • Lost wages as a result of taking time off from work to restore your identity
  • Reimbursement for most of the expenses associated with restoring your identity such as legal fees, registered mail costs, long distance telephone charges, and notary costs for affidavits and documents
  • Access to an exclusive Credit Card Registry/24-Hour Hotline which can be used to register all your credit cards at a central location and have them cancelled, in case they are lost or stolen, by a single phone call
  • Access to a Legal Assistance Helpline for legal advice pertaining to identity theft occurrences
  • The maximum coverage per occurrence is $15,000 with a maximum limit of $30,000 per policy term
  • The policy deductible does not apply to claims against the Identify Theft Expense endorsement. Your claims history and, if applicable, your claims-free discount and disappearing deductible, will not be affected.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you make a claim under this endorsement, your premium, claims history and claims-free discount will not be affected. You do not have to pay your policy deductible if you have an Identity Theft claim.

Note: The information above is a summary only and does not include all terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. Contact your RBC Insurance Advisor today to learn more.