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RBC Insurance & WE

RBC Insurance and WE have partnered to empower communities in Kenya with access to health care. When you get a new life or health insurance policy, RBC Insurance will make a donation1 on your behalf to support a newborn with medicine, nutrition, and other crucial resources in their first year of life. Through WE’s Track Your Impact program, you’ll also be able to watch videos and read statements detailing exactly how you’ve made a difference. By protecting yourself and your family, you’re also providing life-saving care.

Protect What Matters Most With Life Insurance

Find the right life insurance plan to protect your loved ones in case the unexpected happens, with plans featuring flexible terms, Family Friendly Pricing™, guaranteed coverage and more.

Focus on Getting Better With Health Insurance

Protect your lifestyle and focus on recovery with a health insurance plan that can offer your valuable support should you become sick or injured.

Track Your Impact with WE

Do good for yourself and the world with Track Your Impact: a cause-based program that provides life-changing gifts called ‘impacts’ to transparently change a life. After you get coverage with RBC Insurance, you’ll be given a unique access code that lets you see exactly how your support is improving the lives of young Kenyan families.

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