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How Best Doctors Can Help

Access to the right information can make the difference between simply coping with an illness and getting better. Best Doctors helps to make sure that you have the correct information, diagnosis and treatment when you’re facing a medical condition. Here are some ways Best Doctors can help:

Expert Medical Opinionǂ

Diagnosis and treatment

Best Doctors experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your medical records and provide you with a written summary of their findings, including treatment recommendations.


Access to Canadian specialists

Best Doctors will conduct a customized physician search and recommend leading Canadian specialists who are accepting new patients.


International expertise

When expert physicians or leading care facilities are needed outside of Canada, Best Doctors will find them for you and look into appointments on your behalf.

Best Doctors 360ǂ

Dedicated advocate

Best Doctors can help you navigate the healthcare system, find medical information and resources, and provide one-on-one support for a wide range of health concerns.

Onward by Best Doctors

Enhanced and timely support for mental health

Best Doctors will provide enhanced and timely support should you have a disability claim due to depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns. Support includes significantly faster access to psychologists (including a series of 12 therapy sessions), recommendations by leading psychiatrists to your treating physician to confirm and/or change the diagnosis, and a treatment plan and one-on-one assistance from an assigned Client Advocate who provides support and guidance throughout the program.

Ashifa's Story

See how RBC Insurance client, Ashifa, was preparing for cancer treatment but received a changed diagnosis from Best Doctors that ultimately changed her life!

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