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Have you asked yourself “what if?”

As a provider of business services, you face unique risks that other businesses don’t have to think about. And even though, as a responsible business owner, you probably have insurance in place, it might not be sufficient. In fact, research shows that many businesses are underinsured and don’t know it.


We can help you identify the risks that are unique to your business. And help you customize your coverage.

You are on: Fire

Risk: What if your office equipment was damaged in a fire? How would you continue to do business?

Solution: Commercial Property Insurance – Commercial property insurance can help to protect your business property including furnishings, office equipment and damaged computers, plus the personal property of your employees and customers against a wide range of risks like fire, water damage and theft.

You are on: Professional advice

Risk: Providing specialized advice or services to your clients is the cornerstone of your success. But what if a client had a serious problem with the advice you provided – a problem they believed could hurt them financially?

Solution: General Liability Insurance – Professional associations typically require members to have a minimum level of errors and omissions insurance If you don’t have coverage through a professional association, it’s vital to purchase it independently. General liability insurance can protect you against the financial consequences of legal actions brought against your business by dissatisfied clients.

You are on: Property damage

Risk: If you run your business from a rented property or one that you own yourself, there is always the risk of the unexpected – fire, water damage, break-ins, etc.

Solution: Commercial Property Insurance – Commercial property insurance is essential for any business. It protects your business property, plus the personal property of your employees and customers against a wide range of risks like fire, water damage and theft.

You are on: Business Interruption

Risk: Even if your property and liability insurance are in place, generic policies might not cover industry-specific risks. What if your business had to temporarily close for repairs due to a claim?

Solution: Business Interruption Insurance – Available in different levels of protection, business interruption insurance may replace lost earnings if your business operations are interrupted due to loss or damage to your premises or equipment. It may also provide additional expenses needed to keep operation, such as office equipment rentals and payroll.


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Learn to identify and protect yourself from potential risks – and position your business for success!

No matter how well you manage everyday business tasks, unexpected events can throw things into a tailspin. Your free Risk Management Guide shows you how to manage nine key business risks with specific financial and insurance strategies.

Your guide includes:

  • Quick self-assessments to identify the risks that are most likely to affect your business
  • Strategies to help you minimize the impact of an economic slowdown
  • Important information on how to protect your business from liability claims and catastrophic events such as fire and flood
  • Cost-effective ideas that will help you find and keep the best employees
  • Guidelines for managing multi-ownership risks and preparing for unexpected ownership changes
  • Tips to help you identify “key persons” and protect your business in case something happens to them—or to you
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Commercial Property Insurance + General Liability Insurance + Business Interruption Insurance = Business Owners Package

A friendly, knowledgeable RBC Insurance representative will be happy to provide you with assistance regarding customizable coverage options.


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