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RBC® Payout Annuities

For guaranteed retirement income

The RBC Insurance® Payout Annuities can give you the security and stability you need when you retire. To see what your guaranteed retirement income could be with an RBC® Payout Annuity, try our quick calculator now:

Payout Annuity Calculator (opens new window)

Get guaranteed income for life

You’ve worked hard and saved hard so you can live the retirement of your dreams. In today’s uncertain market environment, RBC Payout Annuities provide you with guaranteed income for life or for a specific term so you can have the financial security you need to enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

RBC Payout Annuities can provide you with:

  • Guaranteed income for life or for a specific period of time
  • Market protection—payments are not subject to market volatility or fluctuating interest rates
  • Income security for you, or for you and your spouse
  • Preferred tax treatment(1)

And because RBC Payout Annuities are backed by the strength and stability of RBC Insurance®, you know you can rely on them.


Try one of our retirement calculators

See what your guaranteed retirement income could be with an RBC Payout Annuity. Or, use our expense and cash flow calculators to determine your income needs:


Talk to an Advisor

Speak with a licensed RBC Insurance advisor. They’ll help you choose the Payout Annuity that works best for you.


1) For non-registered annuities.


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