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Retirement Solutions

Prepare for your future with smart investment solutions.

Whether you’re actively building your savings or looking for an efficient way to transition your money into retirement income, RBC Insurance retirement solutions can offer you growth, security and protection.

Grow & Protect Your Money

Looking to grow and protect your savings? Segregated funds offer unique benefits and guarantees that can help you prepare for your financial future and provide for your loved ones down the road.

Guarantee Your Income

Looking to secure your retirement income?
RBC® Payout Annuities can provide you with a guaranteed income stream for life. Easy to manage and with built-in tax benefits, they can help create the retirement cushion you need.


Why Choose Our Retirement Solutions?

Discover some of the benefits of choosing a retirement solution from RBC Insurance.


The information within this site is not intended to provide tax advice. You should seek independent tax advice from a tax professional or advisor.

Any amount that is allocated to a segregated fund is invested at the risk of the contract holder and may increase or decrease in value. RBC Guaranteed Investment Funds are segregated funds and are referred to as individual variable annuity contracts. RBC Life Insurance Company is the sole issuer and guarantor of the guarantee provisions contained in these Contracts. The underlying mutual funds and portfolios available in these Contracts are managed by RBC Global Asset Management Inc. Details of the applicable Contract are contained in the RBC GIF Information Folder and Contract.


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