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Compare Disability Insurance Plans

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Payment and Renewal

At what ages may I apply for coverage?      
If my premiums are being paid as required, can RBC Insurance® cancel my policy or alter provisions/premiums without my consent?
How long can my policy be renewed?      

Benefits and Features

What definitions of disability are available? (NOTE: Policy will include definitions.)      
What other benefits are included?      
What benefit periods can I choose from?      
What other features should I know about?      
What optional coverages are available to enhance my plan?      
Will my benefits be reduced if I'm receiving disability insurance benefits from other sources?      


What requirements are included in the definition of Total Disability?      
Who is this plan most suitable for?      

The information provided herein is for comparison of current product offerings only and does not replace the policy contract. Please refer to the policy contract for a full explanation of benefits, including definitions, benefit amount, optional benefits, exclusions and limitations.