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Personal Insurance > Loan, Mortgage & Credit Protection

Loan, Mortgage & Credit Card Protection

Loan, mortgage and credit card insurance are a convenient way to help safeguard not only your family’s lifestyle, but also your assets and net worth. It can also preserve your life, critical illness or disability insurance benefits for other things, including children's tuition, capital gains taxes, final arrangements, living expenses and more.

The following optional insurance is available to clients with an RBC Royal Bank® loan, line of credit, mortgage or credit card:


You are on: Credit Card Balance Protection

Your credit card provides shopping convenience whether you use it for day-to-day expenses or for special purchases. Use it knowing that in times of financial difficulty, optional credit card with the BalanceProtector Premiere® coverage can help ease your burden and help you maintain a good credit rating.

This valuable protection can pay the outstanding balance of your RBC Royal Bank credit card in cases of death, accidental dismemberment, hospitalization1 or critical illness. In cases of total disability, involuntary unemployment or loss of self-employment income, it can pay a monthly benefit to your RBC Royal Bank credit card account based on a percentage of your outstanding credit card statement balance immediately prior to the date of your loss.

BalanceProtector Premiere® Plus Plan also includes Lifetime Milestones service.


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Loan and Mortgage Protection

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Credit Card Protection

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