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Digital Access. Simpler Benefits. Better Health.

Having a digitally enabled group benefits partner means employers can offer their employees more options and easier access to health and wellness support. Give your employees and their families the protection they deserve with coverage that includes:

  • Best-in-class products
  • Self-serve claims management portal
  • Wellness and mental health support
  • Access to health care professionals and services
  • 24/7 access via computer or mobile app

Coverage under Group Benefit Solutions1

With RBC Insurance® Group Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance, employees can be confident that they and their loved ones have financial protection.

Basic Life Insurance

Life insurance helps to ease the financial strain on an employee’s family by providing a non-taxable lump sum benefit to the family should the employee pass away.

  • Choose to offer a flat coverage amount or a multiple amount of the employee’s salary
  • An employee may be eligible to convert to an individual policy if he or she leaves the company
  • Premiums may be waived up to age 65 if the employee becomes disabled

In addition to life insurance for employees, we also offer coverage for an employee’s spouse and dependents.

Optional Life Insurance

You can offer optional life insurance for employees, spouses and dependents who want more coverage than the basic policy provides.

  • Employees can buy additional coverage at no extra cost to your company
  • Employees can easily pay for their coverage through payroll deductions

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance provides an employee’s beneficiary with a benefit amount if an accident results in death, or financial compensation to the employee if an accident results in the loss of a limb, eyesight, hearing, speech or paralysis.

  • Additional ancillary financial benefits are provided to cover day care for children
  • Rehabilitative physical therapy benefits are also offered

RBC Insurance® Group Disability Insurance can help provide financial support when an employee becomes sick or injured. Plus, rehabilitation and return-to-work programs can help an employee get back to work.

Short Term Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects both your company and employees from financial strain by providing employees with benefit payments equal to a portion of their regular salary.

  • Employees may qualify for benefits without being totally disabled
  • Employees may be able to work in a reduced capacity, with benefits
  • Return-to-work and rehabilitation programs can help your employees return to work gradually or learn new skills for a different job

Short Term Disability Advice to Pay

If you choose to self-insure for short-term disabilities, you may need help evaluating and managing employee absences during the short-term disability period. With our Short-Term Disability Advice to Pay (ATP) service, you get access to a professional team of disability experts who can help you determine what to do next with confidence and clarity. We offer two ATP service levels to meet your needs.

Select this limited2 service level if you anticipate absences that will be simple and straightforward with clear outcomes and timelines for return-to-work. Services include:

  • Collection and review of claim information
  • Interview with you, your employee and their health care team to ensure all factors are captured
  • Upfront advice about benefit entitlement, anticipated absence duration, and return-to-work date

Select this service level if you're looking for a more comprehensive claims management solution. In addition to the "Basic" services, this service level also includes:

  • Ongoing assessment and claim management throughout the short-term disability period
  • Regular communication with you and your employee
  • Continued advice about benefit entitlement and absence duration
  • Rehabilitation and return to work support, if appropriate

Long Term Disability Insurance

A Long Term Disability plan can help protect your company and employees from the financial burden of a long term absence due to injury or illness by providing benefits to replace a portion of an employee’s regular salary.

  • Employees can return to work in a reduced capacity, and still receive benefit payments
  • Rehabilitation and return-to-work programs can help employees return to work gradually or learn new skills for a different job
  • Optional Spousal Disability Benefits are available
  • A Survival Benefit is paid to an eligible survivor if an employee passes away while receiving benefit payments
  • A cost-of-living increase helps ensure that monthly benefit payments keep pace with inflation
  • Additional services like Teladoc Medical Experts and Employee Assistance Programs are standard features

Help bridge the gap in employees’ provincial health coverage. We’re committed to containing costs for your company while making it easy for employees to submit claims and understand their coverage.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Customize your company’s prescription drug plan based on: reimbursement levels, drug plan maximums, deductibles, dispensing-fee caps, the types of drugs offered, and how employees are reimbursed for their prescriptions.

Healthcare Benefits

Healthcare benefits include coverage for:

  • Paramedical services—covered practitioners and therapists (clinical psychologist, chiropractor, audiologist, massage therapist, dietician and more)
  • Semi-private or private hospital room
  • Private-duty nursing services
  • Medical supplies and services such as hearing aids, orthopedic shoes and custom orthotics
  • Accidental dental coverage
  • Eye exams and an optional vision care benefit
  • Out-of-province/country emergency medical travel insurance benefits

Dental Benefits

You have two options for offering dental benefits to employees:

  • Basic dental coverage only, which includes recall exams, scaling, x-rays, filings and more
  • Or, basic dental coverage plus: orthodontic services and major restorative services such as inlays, crowns, veneers and dentures

Spending Accounts

A Spending Account allows employers to offer additional choice and flexibility to their employees. Your company can allocate credits to employees each year, which they can use as they wish to pay for the cost of eligible health and dental or wellness-related expenses not covered by your company’s regular benefits plan or by provincial health plans.

There are two types of Spending Accounts employers can offer their employees:

Employees and their eligible dependents can use their HSA to pay for eligible health and dental expenses not reimbursed by their plan, such as:

  • Eye glasses, contact lenses, laser eye surgery, dental implants, orthodontics, etc.
  • Expenses due to deductibles or maximums that are outside of their regular plan coverage limits

Employees can choose to use WSA for a wide range of services and items related to living a healthy lifestyle such as:

  • Fitness Equipment and Fitness Membership Fees
  • Sports Fees
  • Wellness and non-health professional Services
  • Education and Personal Development
  • Family Care

Survivor Benefits

The surviving spouse or dependents of a deceased employee receives up to two years of continued benefits, with no premiums to pay, or cost to the company.

Cost Plus

Cost Plus provides the option to pay for an employee’s unforeseen medical and dental expenses not covered under the plan.

Virtual Primary Care

Maple is a telemedicine service that connects employees directly with a doctor who can treat them online so they can feel better faster and get back to their jobs quicker.

  • Standard coverage includes 4 visits per family annually, with access from 7am to midnight, seven days a week
  • Premium coverage includes unlimited visits with 24-hour access, seven days a week
Learn more about virtual primary care from RBC Insurance + Maple

Mental Health Support Services

With a comprehensive range of options available, we can help guide plan members to the support that's right for them, including digital wellness programs, virtual counselling services, in-person sessions in your community and more.

Learn more

Coping with a critical illness while managing family and work obligations is challenging for an employee. Help your employees reduce the impact with an insurance plan that offers financial support, so they can focus on their recovery.

Covers most common critical illnesses

Choose from two plans for your company, both of which cover the most common critical illnesses and ensure that your employees will be financially protected in the event of a diagnosis.

Quick Payment on Claims

Your employee is provided a lump-sum cash benefit which they can use as needed for expenses associated with a covered critical illness, such as travel costs related to treatment, prescriptions, home care, or a long-term care facility.

In addition, these other features help facilitate quick payment of claims upon diagnosis.

  • No Benefit Waiting (Elimination) Period - There is no wait time between diagnosis and payment of benefits; payment is made as soon as diagnosis is given.
  • No Survival Period - There is no set amount of time the insured remain alive after diagnosis in order for the benefit to paid.

Simple Qualification for Benefits

Upon enrolment in a critical illness plan, your employees won’t be required to provide up-front personal health information and pre-existing conditions will be covered.

  • Guaranteed Issue Amount up to $75,000 - The Guaranteed Issue amount, or the amount of insurance available without having to provide personal health information, applies to all group sizes.
  • No Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion – Employees will receive benefits for a covered illness, regardless of whether they have a pre-existing condition.

Dependent Children Coverage

RBC Insurance offers 50% of the primary insured’s benefit amount at no additional charge for all covered dependent children. There is no cap for the benefit dollar amount a covered child can receive.

Simple Billing

Critical illness insurance premiums are invoiced on the same statement as other insurance premiums, simplifying billing management.

Additional Plan Features

A number of additional coverages are available under critical illness insurance plans such as:

  • Multiple Illnesses – Employees may receive benefits for each critical illness covered under the plan as long as each diagnosis is separated by at least 90 days.
  • Non-invasive Cancers (Carcinoma in situ) – The insured is paid a benefit of 25% of the Guaranteed Issue Amount
  • Cancer Recurrence – If a previously diagnosed cancer that was not paid under the current contract were to reoccur after the effective date, the claim would be paid as long as the insured has been symptom- and treatment-free for any consecutive 12 months.
  • Waiver of Premium - Premiums are waived if the insured becomes disabled during their critical illness period.
  • Optional Second Event Critical Illness Benefit and Second Evaluation Benefit Rider – this is a bundled offer that employers can add on plan for added protection at an additional cost.
  • No Age Termination Option – While many critical illness insurance plans terminate at age 65 or 70, our plans include the option of no termination due to age.
  • Portability – Plan members can take the coverage with them if they leave the group plan.

Specialized Services, Savings and Support

We also offer a range of services, programs and discounts to support your business and employees:

For Plan Administrators

  • Online Administration
  • HR Support for Small Business
  • Employee Assistance Program - Management Resources

For Plan Members

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • RBC Insurance Wellness Program
  • Mental Health Support Services
  • Teladoc Medical Experts
  • Medical Confidence™
  • Discount Programs

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All plan designs are subject to underwriting approval. Limitations and exclusions apply. Benefit features and maximums may vary based on group size.
Basic ATP does not include ongoing assessment, claims management, and any return to work assistance.
The Critical Illness Insurance is underwritten by Allstate Insurance Company of Canada ("Allstate Benefits") and distributed by RBC Life Insurance Company. Claims under the group critical illness coverages are administered and paid by Allstate Benefits.