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What is providerConnect?

providerConnect is a web portal for health service providers in Canada. It gives pharmacy, extended health and dental providers access to:

  • The Advantage Registry
  • Secure services for direct deposit and online claiming (where applicable)
  • Claim forms
  • Administration guidelines
  • And more

It can help you to better manage your health care practice—and your relationships with patients and health and dental carriers.*

What You Can Do on providerConnect

Save time and receive payments faster, while making the claims process easier for your patients:

  • Instantly check your patient/plan member’s eligibility.
  • Submit claims to RBC Insurance® online, for instant adjudication.
  • Assign payment directly to yourself by cheque or to your bank account by direct deposit. Alternatively, you can have your patient/plan member pay you directly and then notify us to pay the plan member.
  • Receive confirmation of applicable coverage.

Claims and Payments

Claims You Can Submit

You can submit claims online through providerConnect for a number of health services, such as:

  • Chiropractic services
  • Massage therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Vision services

In addition, you can submit claims for a wide range of:

How to Submit a Claim and Receive Payment

It’s quick and convenient:

  • Visit  and sign in to “Secure Services”.
  • Select “Claim Submission” and complete the form.
  • Once submitted, the claim is immediately adjudicated and payment is automatically directed as per your instructions.

Note: You must have a provider number and activate your account before you can submit claims.

Ready to Get Started?

Visit to sign up for Secure Services and receive payments faster.

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