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Build a Culture of Wellness for Your Employees

94% of working Canadians are more likely to work for an employer that cares about their overall health and well-being.Disclaimer1

That’s a lot! Our digital Wellness Program (Powered by TELUS Health) lets your employees know you care about them, which helps with employee engagement, reduced turnover, and may lead to an improved claims experience.

Make Wellness Part of Your Workplace

  • No budget for a wellness program? Our program is free for Group Benefit Solutions clients with health coverage.
  • Don’t have time to implement a wellness program? We’ll provide you with step by step instructions and templates to make things quicker and easier.
  • Need help to get started? Your RBC Insurance Group Service Representative can meet with you and your team to arrange a program overview.

Benefits of the Digital Wellness Program

For Your Company

  • Easy to implement: There's nothing to do other than tell your employees about the program.
  • Cost-effective: It's free for Group Benefit Solution plan members with health coverage.
  • Easy to measure: Built-in reporting and tools make it easy to evaluate the program’s impact. Service representatives are also available to support you with implementation suggestions and/or employee meetings.

  • Potential for lower costs: Healthier employees can mean more productivity, less absenteeism, fewer claims and lower costs.
  • Team building: Options for team challenges can help you engage your entire organization.
  • Community building: News feeds and peer to peer recognition creates a sense of belonging for employees.

For Your Employees

  • Convenient: The program is available through links on the RBC Insurance My Benefits app and the Online Group Benefit Solutions portal. Employees will also be prompted to download the TELUS Health One app (if not already on their phone)
  • Personalized: Employees receive custom content based on their profile, interests and other data (such as claims data, if they opt in) to encourage healthier choices.
  • Rewards: Employees get to enjoy rewards and discount offers from their favourite stores and retailers.

  • Trackable progress: Employees can sync with their wearables (activity trackers and health apps) and view their progress within the app or online.
  • Fun competition: Employees can set their own personal challenges or participate in challenges with their coworkers.
  • Recognition: Employees can exchange recognition with their coworkers and create posts through the program's news feed.

There is no additional cost to implement the digital Wellness Program, so talk to your Client Relationship Specialist today!

2019 Ipsos poll for RBC Insurance.