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Get Help from the Comfort of Home

When you’re under the weather, all you want to do is feel better fast. RBC Insurance + Maple can help. Maple is a telemedicine platform that provides direct access to doctors online so you can get the help within minutesDisclaimer1—no appointment needed.

Note: You can check your coverage by registering or logging into Maple's site (opens to external site). If coverage is not within your benefits plan, you can receive preferred rates through your Wellness Program Perks.

Connect with a doctor via text message, phone or video.

In the Maple mobile app or web browser, simply tap a button to connect directly with a doctor in minutesDisclaimer1.

Maple doctors are experts in the medical field. They’re hand-selected Canadian licensed physicians who practice family and emergency medicine and represent the same healthcare providers you could see in person.

Doctors can diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions.

Doctors can treat many conditions online. Nine out of every 10 Maple patients get their issue fully resolved in a matter of minutes. This includes: cold & flu symptoms, infections, chronic conditions, skin problems, sexual health concerns, mental health issues and more.

Note: Maple is not intended for emergencies.Visit your local hospital or clinic for an emergency situation. Locations can be looked up on the RBC Insurance MyBenefits app.

Plus, they can issue prescriptions and more.

Maple physicians can provide medical advice, as well as issue digital prescriptions, lab requisitions, diagnostic imaging requests and write notes.

Visits with specialists are available.

Visits with specialists like dermatologists, mental health therapists and more are available at an additional cost. However, some costs may be reimbursable through your extended health benefits.

Consultations can be done after hours with most issues being resolved within 15 minutes.

You won’t have to spend time making or traveling to appointments or sitting in waiting rooms. Plus, it helps you stay out of the public if you’re sick.

Over 1 million Canadians use Maple with an average patient satisfaction rating of 4.9/5 stars.

Learn more about Maple today.

Maple Virtual Care FAQs

Here’s what makes Maple stand out:
  • Patients can speak directly with doctors within minutes, without having to go through nurse triage first
  • Offers a wide variety of ways to connect with a doctor, including text message (the most popular option), phone or video
  • Intuitive platform makes it easy for clients to get the help they need without any barriers
  • 91% of issues are resolved within minutes (the highest rate in the industry)
  • Broadest access to Canadian physicians, tapping into providers Canada-wide for lower wait times
  • After-hours access to doctors for medical advice, diagnosis whenever and wherever you need care
  • Built-in medical record-keeping system lets patients store, share and manage their personal health data with doctors on and off the platform
Maple is not intended to replace the care of a family physician. It goes hand-in-hand as a way to manage primary care issues that happen when you cannot get in to see your family doctor, including conditions that need attention after hours. Maple can also be helpful for those that do not have a family physician.
Yes, your personal health information is completely private and you always retain complete control of it. Your session is protected by a comprehensive security infrastructure and stringent data policies. Check out Maple’s Privacy Policy (opens to external site) for a more in-depth description.
Maple is available in both English and French. You can easily switch languages in your settings.
Yes, you can purchase Maple coverage from RBC Insurance even if it’s not available through your employer. Visit the Perks section of the Wellness Platform and click the Maple tile for more information about costs and process to purchase your own coverage separately.