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Free Access to Online Therapy

Get AbilitiCBT, therapist-assisted online cognitive behaviour therapy for support with new or worsening mental health issues that you may be facing as a result of COVID-19. Available for a limited time.

Your Mental Health Matters

Managing a mental health issue in your life can be overwhelming, whether it is your own or that of a loved one. We understand and are here to support you. With a comprehensive range of options available, we can help guide you to the support that's right for you, including digital wellness programs, virtual counselling services, in-person sessions in your community and more.

Wellness Program

Manage your overall wellbeing, including physical, financial, and mental health concerns early on with the Wellness Program. You’ll get access to customized content to help you make healthier decisions, tackle mental health issues, and more. Plus, receive rewards and discounts from your favourite retailers to ease financial stress.

  • Free to Group Benefits plan members with health insurance
  • Fill out a profile to get inspiring content based on your interests to help you trade old habits for healthier ones
  • Access CareNow for self-guided online resources to help cope with anxiety, grief, depression and other mental health issues.
  • Visit the Wellness Program page for more information

Work Life Employee Assistance Program

Get short-term help dealing with anything from personal issues to workplace stress—including divorce, loss of a loved one or caring for an aging parent. Experienced consultants are available 24/7 to answer your questions and direct you to the right experts for additional support. Plus, you can meet with a counselor in your area and access resources online.

  • Free to Group Benefits plan members with health and/or long term disability coverage
  • Expert consultants are available 24/7
  • Get guidance with accessing the right resources to address your needs and situation
  • Meet with a counselor over the phone, video or in person
  • Receive free downloads and issue-specific resources online
  • Visit the Employee Assistance Program page for more information

  • Call 1-877-630-6701—agents are available 24/7 to speak with you
  • Plan members with health coverage:
    • Log in to your Online Group Benefit Solutions and select Wellness and Employee Assistance > Life, or
    • Launch My Benefits App and select Wellness > Life
  • Plan Members with Disability Coverage only:
    • Login to the Lifeworks website, or
    • Launch the LifeWorks app

    Note that a generic ID and login are required, please contact your Plan Administrator.


CarePlus provides mental health support beyond the short-term counselling offered through the Work Life Employee Assistance Program. With CarePlus, employees have access to the following support, based on their needs and preferences.

CarePlus AbilitiCBT – Now Available for Free (for a limited time)
This therapist-assisted on-line program uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches for addressing issues such as depression, anxiety and more.

  • Available for free (for a limited time) to Group Benefits plan members
  • Includes an initial online screening and telephone or video consult with a therapist to get a better understanding of your situation
  • Gain access to 10 learning modules including online assessments, multimedia learning, skill-building exercises, and chat or video check-ins with a therapist
  • Your progress will be continuously reviewed by a therapist
  • 24/7 access to a crisis support line and chat staffed by master-level clinicians
  • Offers long-term assistance for issues requiring more than 2-3 short-term counselling sessions
  • Visit rbcinsurance.myicbt.com for more information

Care Plus - Counselling
Access counselling through your preferred method, video, over the phone or face to face. After an initial assessment, you’ll be guided to the best clinician and treatment plan to meet your needs.

  • Available to Group Benefits plan members with extended health care and/or long term disability coverage; employee pays program fees up front and submits claim though extended health coverage
  • Ideal if you need more than short-term support
  • Includes a clinical assessment to quickly determine the right approach and help you avoid wait times often experienced with community-based services
  • Work with a clinician trained to help with your specific needs
  • A final assessment will highlight your progress

  • Call 1-877-630-6701—agents are available 24/7 to speak with you

Onward by Best DoctorsTM

If you are on disability due to depression, anxiety or another mental health concern due to a primary or a secondary medical condition, your claims advisor may connect you with Onward by Best DoctorsTM which provides videoconference sessions from the comfort of your home. You’ll also receive one-on-one individualized therapy sessions throughout your treatment plan with the support of a client advocate who is a regulated healthcare professional.

  • No additional cost for plan members receiving long-term disability benefits
  • Leading psychiatrists provide diagnoses and treatment recommendations to your physician
  • Promotes a faster recovery time so you can get back to your normal lifestyle and return to work sooner
  • Helps avoid wait times associated with community-based services
  • Visit the Onward by Best Doctors page for more information

  • Talk to your RBC Insurance Disability Claims Specialist

Every Year, 1 in 5 Canadians Experience Mental Health Issues1

You’re not alone. Get the support you need, by phone, online or in person.

Call 1-877-630-6701
(available 24/7)