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Unclaimed property refers to unclaimed assets such as forgotten bank accounts, tax refunds, pension funds, stocks/bonds, inheritances, and, in the case of insurance, claims or insurance policy payouts.

The provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec have regulations requiring the holders of unclaimed property to make reasonable efforts to locate and contact their rightful owners if their last known address is in one of the provinces listed above.

Moving to a new address, an unexpected death, or misdirected mail are just a few examples of how an asset can become unclaimed property—situations where the owner of an asset is disconnected from the asset holder (for example, a financial institution or insurance company).

We make every attempt to contact the asset owner. If we are holding assets as unclaimed property and the asset owner (or a representative) initiates contact with us, a search is then conducted. If it is confirmed that the requestor is entitled to the unclaimed assets we are holding, we will provide the corresponding payout. Or, if our search has determined that the funds have been transferred to the corresponding provincial government, as per government regulations, we will advise the requesting party and provide them with details on how to contact them.

For more information on provincial requirements for unclaimed property, please visit your provincial government website:

Request a Search for Unclaimed Property

To request a search for unclaimed property that has been held by us for more than one year, please complete our online form:

Request a Search

To request a search for unclaimed property that has been held by us for less than one year, contact us.

For unclaimed property related to home and auto insurance, please contact Aviva General Insurance Company at:

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