How Motorcycle Insurance Protects YouDisclaimer2

Your Motorcycle

Unless you can afford to replace or repair your motorcycle out-of-pocket, you’ll need coverage to help protect it from collisions, theft and moreDisclaimer3.

Liability Claims

Helps to protect you financially if you injure someone or cause damage to another person’s property or vehicle while riding your motorcycle.

Uninsured Motorists

This coverage provides benefits to you or your family if you’re injured or killed by an uninsured or unidentified driver.

It also helps pay for damages to your motorcycle if they’re caused by an identified uninsured motorist.

Accident Benefits

If you’re injured in an accident, this coverage helps to replace lost income or pay for medical and other expenses not covered by government health insurance.

It can also provide benefits to your spouse or partner and dependent children if you are killed in an accident.

(Coverage is optional in Quebec and Newfoundland)

Coverage HighlightsDisclaimer2

Your plan will provide affordable protection for a wide range of Disclaimer4.

  • Protects you and your motorcycle financially (if you add coverage for loss or damage) against a wide range of risks
  • Optional Waiver of Depreciation coverage replaces your bike with a brand-new model (even if it’s more expensive) if your bike is in an accident and damaged beyond repair
  • Coverage is available for additional accessories and equipment installed before, at or after purchase (such as saddle bags, seatback extensions and more)
  • Coverage is available for a trailer you pull behind your motorcycle to carry additional items
  • 24/7 Satellite Road Assistance coverage protects you in case you break down, need a tow or battery boost, run out of gas and more—in Canada or the U.S.
  • Receive discounts for anti-lock brakes, advanced rider training, having more than one policy with us, and more

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