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Six Insurance Tips for Home Renovations
A home renovation is a chance to make some upgrades, breathe some new life into your abode, and potentially raise its property value. But home renovations of all sizes come with risks.
How to Safely Store Your Important Documents at Home
We start collecting paperwork the day we’re born. And as your family and assets grow, so do the piles (and piles!) of important documents. Your sock drawer might feel like an easy-access, fairly secure landing zone for these essential papers, but there are better ways to organize and secure them.
How to Prevent Water Damage to Your Home
Your home should be your safe space. It’s a place to rest and recharge, gather with loved ones, and store all your most prized possessions. But water damage can jeopardize all that.
How to Protect Your Home for Winter
Preparing for winter goes beyond digging out your cozy coat, hat, boots and mitts. Looking around (inside and out!) your home is crucial to ensuring it’s ready to take on the change of season, too.

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