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Special Coverage Limits - Property Insurance

For the types of property below, your homeowners, condo or tenant insurance policy will pay for loss or damage that exceeds your deductible amount, but only to the applicable maximum limit as listed below.

Note: Please call 1-877-749-7224 for additional information on special coverage limits.

Special Coverage Limits
Property Type Maximum Coverage Limits
Animals, birds or fish $2,500 (for a Specified Peril other than Impact)
Business property on premises (excluding other property used for business such as samples and goods held for sale). $7,500
Collectibles, such as sports cards, sports memorabilia and comic books $5,000*
Each bicycle, tricycle, unicycle or e-bike and its equipment and accessories $1,000*
Garden type tractors and snow removal equipment including attachments and accessories $10,000
Golf carts $5,000
Golfing equipment and accessories, except golf carts, while the golfing equipment is away from your premises $3,000*
Jewellery, watches, gems, fur garments and garments trimmed with fur $6,000 (extension available to $10,000)*
Manuscripts, stamps and philatelic property, (such as stamp collections) $2,000*
Money, including cash cards or bullion $500
Numismatic property (such as coin collections) $500*
Personal property contained in a safety deposit box in a Bank or Trust Company $10,000
Personal property of a student who is temporarily residing away from home to attend a school, college or university $10,000
Personal property of physically or mentally challenged persons who are legally in your custody, while residing in a care facility for such persons $5,000
Personal property of your spouse, father or mother (or spouse's father or mother) who is living in a nursing home or home for the aged, but who are in your legal custody $5,000
Renewable energy equipment $5,000
Securities $5,000
Spare automobile parts $250 per item; $1,000 total
Watercraft, their trailers, furnishings, equipment, accessories and motors (we do not insure personal watercraft powered by a jet-pump propulsion system) $2,500
Wine and spirits on premises 10% of Contents Coverage as shown on the Certificate of Property Insurance

Wine and spirits off premises 1% of Contents Coverage as shown on the Certificate of Property Insurance

Note: Limit does not apply when the wine is stored in the cellars of a wine club or similar location.
Works of art, such as paintings, photographs, drawings etchings, prints and lithographs, including their frames, sculptures, statuary and antiques, and hand-made rugs and tapestries $15,000 per item; up to a maximum of 15% of Contents Coverage as shown on the Certificate of Property Insurance for all items

* Note: Limit does not apply if loss is by a Specified Peril—theft or attempted theft is not a Specified Peril. Specified Perils protects your insured property against the most common risks, which will be listed in your policy.