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Compare Visitors to Canada Plans

Do you know someone travelling or immigrating to Canada? Our unique visitor insurance can help protect visiting friends and family in case of a medical emergency or travel accident. It can also protect Canadians not eligible for government health plan coverage. Note: must be purchased before arrival in Canada or within 5 days after arrival in Canada.

Compare the features and benefits of each plan below:

Visitors Plan III

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Visitors Plan II

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Visitors Plan I

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Expand General Information

Expand Emergency Medical Insurance

Expand Travel Accident Insurance (Principal Sums)(2)

1) This is the aggregate limit of all benefits under the emergency medical portion of this policy.

2) The insured person is entitled to a maximum of the largest amount specified for one of these three Travel Accident Insurance benefits: 1) Death, 2) Double dismemberment, loss of sight in both eyes, or complete and irrevocable loss of speech or hearing, or 3) Single dismemberment or loss of sight in one eye.