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General Information

You must be in this age range at the time you purchase the plan.

The medical questionnaire contains questions that you must answer correctly at the time you apply. Your medical condition at the time you complete the medical questionnaire determines your plan eligibility, the terms of coverage and the premiums that apply to you. Your completed medical questionnaire forms part of your insurance contract.

Any pre-existing condition(s) must be stable opens in a new window for a specific period of time before the effective date of your policy in order to be covered in the event of a claim.

All of our travel medical insurance plans cover you for travel anywhere outside your home province or territory.

Emergency Medical Insurance

Emergency Medical insurance pays for expenses related to a covered emergency medical condition that arises while you are on your trip. Benefits may include coverage for a hospital stay; transportation by a ground or air ambulance; the return to your departure point; emergency dental treatment; a companion's travel to your bedside; the return of a vehicle, your children, your travelling companion, your dog or cat, and your excess baggage if you are returned by air ambulance; and more.

If you have a medical emergency while on your trip, one toll-free phone call puts you in touch with a multilingual coordinator who can help you—24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our multilingual professionals will coordinate on your behalf with a local doctor or nurse to arrange the care you need.

The Out of Pocket Expenses benefit reimburses you up to the amount stated above for commercial accommodations and meals, essential telephone calls and taxi fares if, upon a physician's advice, you or your travelling companion are relocated or delayed beyond your return date to receive medical treatment for an emergency medical condition covered under this insurance.

Single & Multi-Trip Options

You can purchase coverage for a single trip up to the number of days listed above.

If you are eligible and are travelling for more than 183 days and to a maximum of 365 days, you may be able to "top-up" your coverage (add to your insurance beyond the duration originally covered).

Do you travel two or more times in a year? Our multi-trip annual plan coverage option can make travelling more cost-efficient since you are covered for any trips you take (each up to the chosen trip duration) within a 365-day period.

With a multi-trip annual plan, you can choose the trip duration option that meets your needs. Each covers an unlimited number of trips within a 365-day period and each individual trip may be up to the number of consecutive days you chose. You can also "top-up" coverage for an individual trip if it will be longer than the maximum duration you selected. (When you "top-up" your coverage, you add to your insurance beyond the duration originally covered.)