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Questions & Answers About Car Insurance

Have a question about car insurance coverage, claims, deductibles, premiums or discounts? Check here for the answer:

You are on: Coverage, Claims, Deductibles

Coverage, Claims and Deductibles

Expand What is "no fault" car insurance?

Expand What is liability coverage?

Expand What are collision and comprehensive coverage?

Expand What is an endorsement?

Expand What is a claim?

Expand What is a deductible?

Expand I've had a minor accident and I don't plan to submit a claim. Must I still notify RBC Insurance®?

Expand I'm moving. What should I do?

Expand How do I submit a claim?


You are on: Vehicles and Insurance

Vehicles and Insurance

Expand Do some vehicles cost less to insure than others?

Expand Does RBC Insurance cover motorcycles and recreational vehicles?

Expand Does RBC Insurance cover vintage vehicles?


You are on: Insurance Premiums

Car Insurance Premiums

Expand How is my premium calculated?

Expand What kind of discounts can I get?

Expand If I've had no accidents or claims, will I pay less?

Expand Do I get a lower premium for having an RBC account?

Expand How can I pay for my premium?

Expand How do I set up pre-authorized chequing payments?


You are on: Provincial Auto Reforms for Primary tabs

Provincial Auto Reforms

Nova Scotia Auto Reform - Phase 1 - April 2012

Phase 1 of the reform provides Nova Scotia drivers with higher standard limits for mandatory accident benefits to better protect them in the event that they are injured in an accident. It also includes insurance premium protection for at-fault accidents where no money was paid by an insurance company.

Expand Why is the provincial government of Nova Scotia introducing an auto reform?

Expand I don’t feel that I need the new standard limits of accident benefit coverage that the government is mandating. Can I lower the new standard limits to save money?

Expand Will the increase to my accident benefits increase my insurance premium payment?

Expand Are the changes to the accident benefits enough to protect me and my family financially if something should happen to me?

Nova Scotia Auto Reform – Phase 2 - April 1, 2013

Direct Compensation for Property Damage coverage is introduced to Nova Scotia automobile insurance as part of the Phase II reforms. This system is in place and works well in Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec.

Expand What is Direct Compensation for Property Damage (DCPD) coverage?

Expand How does it affect me? Do I need to do anything?

Ontario Auto Reform – September 2010

Expand How can I find out more information about the Ontario auto reform that took place in September 2010?


As a result of government-run auto insurance plans, RBC Insurance does not provide car insurance in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.


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