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This specialty policy offers you a wide range of features and benefits for your .

Guaranteed Value™ Coverage

Hagerty works with you to agree on a fair value for your collector car. If there’s a covered total loss, you will receive the agreed upon value less any deductible. Guaranteed.

Valuation Expertise

The industry-leading online Hagerty Valuation Tool® helps to determine a collector vehicle’s market value.

No Required Appraisal

An appraisal is not required for values that reflect verifiable market values.

Flexible Usage

Great cars were meant to be enjoyed, but some companies strictly limit how much you can use your collector car. This coverage allows for plenty of hobby and pleasure driving with no fixed kilometer limitsDisclaimer2.

Competitive Premiums

Hagerty offers tailored Guaranteed Value™ coverage for your collector car at a significantly lower rate compared to standardized auto coverage.

Collection Coverages

If you collect cars as a hobby, Hagerty offers best-in-class coverage so you can focus on enjoying your collections.

Vehicle Under Construction

Guaranteed Value™ coverage also protects your investment in your car during a restoration or build, which can be quite expensive.

Repair Shop of Choice

In the event of a claim, you have the freedom to take your vehicle(s) to a repair shop you trust.


This 24/7 program is designed for collectible vehicles and includes guaranteed flatbed towing with soft straps, service for lockouts, battery jumps, tire changes and more—all done by people who know and understand collectibles.

Cherished Salvage (optional)

If you have a claim and your car is not repairable you may still want to keep it. With Cherished Salvage; you will still receive the full Guaranteed Value™, less any deductibleDisclaimer3.

Additional Coverage Options for Unique Vehicle Collections

If the market increases above the value of your collector vehicle and a covered total loss happens, you receive up to 125% of the insured value.

When adding to a collection, your newly acquired collector vehicle will be automatically covered for 30 days. This coverage will equal your highest-valued vehicle insured through Hagerty (or purchase price, if less) up to $750,000.

Multi-car discountDisclaimer1

More collector cars means bigger savings.

Protect Your Collector Car

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